A New Mobile Payment Verification Device

Accept RMB Payment in Any Country

Settlement in Local Currency

No Internet Connection Required

One Payment QR-Code support all major mobile payment platform

More coming soon

Transactions are Insured by People's Insurance Company of China(PICC)

Payment is Strictly Secured

Hardware Protection

High density encryption chips

Software Protection

atented Tokenization algorithm of QR Code Order

Physical Isolation

No storage or exchange of sensitive data

Products for Variety Consumption Scenarios

1 Code Pay

Simplest Mobile Payment solution. One unique QR code, self activation, instant settlement.

Cloud Vending

Simplest Vending machine Mobile payment solution, notes free, coin free, pay vending with your mobile.


Simple cost efficient solution for your eCommerce Payment, one QR settle for all channel.


Solution to enable existing POS to support mobile payment, support windows POS.

CUPE Dispay

A light QR Code display screen, Simple USB connection, auto payment amount acquisition.

CUPE Secure Element

High strength encrypted Chip which could be integrated into any device from circus board level, to enable the device supporting mobile payment.

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New Generation of CUBE

Collecting Sales Data from POS Terminal in Real Time

Up to 95% of compatibility with Prevalent POS and Printer

Plug and Play

Typically Fit into Shopping Malls’ Needs

Comprehansive sales data collection solution which will provide fundermental data to be used with clients’ operation analysis, sales analysis, member loyalty, digital marketing, big data application and etc.

What Makes CUBE So Advance

Open OS

High Compatibility

Easy Deployment

Simple Device Mgmt

Standard Delivery

What CUBE Can Help With

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